EEDC - Basic Preservation Only Pack

This package is designed to provide you with a forensically sound digital copy of a device (such as a computer or mobile phone) an employee has being using during their employment.


Larger companies often turn over high number of staff each month and performing a full diligence check on each one would not be cost effective.  


The digital copy of the employee's device is stored at our laboratory for a specified period of time, allowing it to be investigated if and when necessary (such as when litigation arises).


More importantly, this 'snapshot' process of an employees machine can be used in any defence case to demonstrate a diligent and proactive approach in any litigation.


 Providing disk images of previous employee's computers sits far better with the court or opposition lawyers than the "the employee left the company, we recycled their computer and deleted their email account from our servers" answer which is common from resource starved I.T departements in commerce.


In certain territories, this response of not being able to provide any historic material, will often lead to the court to fraw a negative inference and make a judgement against you the defendant/claimant.


We take care of all the house keeping, so that you don't have to - we will remind you when a copy of a device is approaching its erasure date.


This pack includes no analysis of the data stored on the submitted device, please see the DIY and Assisted packages if you require analysis on top of preservation.


At any time this pack can be upgraded to one that does include analysis - simply pay the difference in price and investigation can commence almost immediately.


We also offer significant discounts for clients who regularly preserve leaving employee's computer systems.

How does it work ?

1. You ship the device to our lab (or we collect*).


2. We forensically copy the device archive it.


3. We ship the original device back to you for reuse.


4. After an agreed period, the copy is destroyed.

*= Collection is subject to a small fixed additional charge, however this is waived when 2 or more diligence checks are comissioned at the same time.

Is my company's data safe ?

All devices that we forensically copy are encrypted with military grade encryption - meaning they are impossible to access without the correct credentials.


The server (storage) computer used to archive the forensic copies of your employees devices is never connected directly or indirectly to the Internet.


This means it is physicallly impossible to compromise, hack into or otherwise access your company data via the Internet.

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