Corporate & Civil Legal Sector Services

CFO offers a wide variety of services, if you are not too sure as to what service you require, Contact Us for a free telephone consultation today!  Click here to View our competitive Corporate Rates.

Intellectual Property Theft

We have a proven track record in examining computers and other devices to detect the common practice of employee digital IP theft.


Matrimonial Disputes

Analysing a parties computer system or phone during a dispute can often reveal hidden assets, infidelity  or other unacceptable behaviour.

Employee Tribunals

Accurately presented  and expertly verified digital evidence during an employment tribunal is crucial, have yours checked or compiled by us today!



Electronic Discovery

The searching of thousands of documents or E-Mail messages from one or more computer systems, for specific keywords or phrases during  litigation.


Counterfeit Detection

We have experience in examining software, games consoles, set top boxes and other counterfeit products.



Malware & Virus Analysis

We can analyse any computer, server or phone for the presence of malicious software.

Forensic Imaging

The forensic preservation (copying) of data stored on computer hard drives, mobile phones and other electronic devices.



Mobile Phone & Tablet Analysis

We are specialists in analysing the content of mobile phones and tablets.  We can often recover deleted material such as SMS or other App messages.


Audio & Visual Forensics

The analysis of speech or digital photographs, for the purpose of alteration or tampering detection.



Search & Seize Orders

Once a court issues an order, we can assist you with forensically preserving computer evidence on at any location to criminal law standards.



First Responder Training

We can train your IT staff to forensically image and preserve evidence.  Saving you time and money when an incident occurs within your organisation.

    Data Recovery Service

If your hard drive or memory stick has failed, we can assist you with recovering the files. competitive pricing and fast turnaround.



I.T Vendor Negligence

We are able to forensically analyse computer systems to determine a series of events at a minute by minute, hour by hour level of detail.


Whether you are an IT vendor defending against negligence claims, or a customer claiming negligence - we are able to help !


Ransomware Recovery

We regularly analyse encrypted file servers and computers using our forensic software.


If your regular IT vendor is struggling to recover your files after a ransomeware attack, contact us for a free consultation.


Sameday service available.



E-Mail Tracing Service

E-mails take a colourful route when sent via the Internet, if you have an E-Mail that needs tracing back to its source, get in touch today!



Termination Assistance

A poplar bespoke service to assist with the termination of employees or senior executives who have access to sensitive/valuable company data.


A general package package that investigates their computer / phone activity prior to their termination is available.


We also assist with exit interviews to ensure any company data held by the employee is returned.

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