Digital Forensics Vendor Services

Day Rate Contract Consulting

Hire our very experienced expert Mr Munsey on a daily, weekly, monthly or long term basis.


Pricing is very competitive enabling you to recharge your client at a significant uplift.


Mr Munsey is fully insured and highly experienced in transparently fitting into (or leading) an existing team, or going solo into your clients premises for data collection and custodian interviews.

Short Notice Data Collections

We can usually be onsite the same or next day in most cases.


CFO is reknown for its ability to react almost instantly to requests from other vendors who are short staffed or unable to meet their client's demands.


Mr Munsey has excellent client facing skills and can appear as a representative of your company to project a consistent experience for your client.


Outsource Your Overflow

CFO has a fully equipped, Police inspected secure laboratory.


Mr Munsey has capacity to take on difficult, longterm or bulk cases at extremely competitive rates.


Don't turn business away, outsource it to CFO today!

Interviewing &  Competancy Testing

Employing a new investigator or adding forensic capability to your organisation ?


Use Mr Munsey's consulting service - to interview and test the abilities of potential candidates.


We offer verbal interviews, written and practical tests to truly verify that the applicant has the skills you require.


The testing process can be carried out at at your premises or another convenient nearby location.

Policy & Procedure Creation/Audit

Do you have an up-to-date and tested set of Standard Operating Procedures for your digital forensics laboratory ?


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