Intellectual Property Theft Detection Service

The most common scenario we investigate is that of Intellectual Property (IP) Theft, where an employee (or group thereof) unlawfully uses a company's IP for their own personal gain or professional advantage.  


Common targets for IP theft are customer/lead lists, designs, research and development, contractual/pricing information, company secrets or other valuable documentation.


Have you considered examining your leaving employee's computers/phones analysed to detect such occurances ?   Especially those going to work for a direct competitor ?

It is very simple for an employee to take a copy of your company's IP, a USB Memory Stick or Portable Hard Drive are most common, followed by E-mail attachments and Cloud Storage (such as Google Drive or Dropbox).


The majority of digital IP theft leaves behind a series of hidden artefacts (tracks) on the computer or device used to steal or store said.


We specialise in locating, preserving and presenting these artefacts - leaving the suspect employee zero room for manoeuvre, in the face of overwhelming evidence and subsequent litigation.


See our Employee Exit Diligence Checks service below, for more information.


Fixed Price Employee Exit Diligence Checks


Find exactly what the employee that just left your company was doing on their company computer/phone!



Designed for businesses that wish to proactively preserve a forensic copy of all leaving employee's devices, only analysing them when litigation or the need arises. 


Designed for I.T Mangers or other tech-savvy clients who wish to review the extracted raw activity of an employee themselves at a reduced cost.


Designed for non-technical executives or lawyers, who require an expert report in  laymans terms which details relevant activity.

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