Employee Exit Diligence Check

Fully Assisted Pack

The Fully Assisted Pack is aimed at non-technical clients (such as Executives or Lawyers) who require the artefacts extracted from any device to be analysed by CFO's Expert.


This is the premium package and whilst moderately more expensive than the DIY Pack, drastically reduces the amount of material you have to review.   For clarity this pack includes the complete Basic and DIY packages.


You provide us with a list of keywords (such as project names, pertinent email address and other key topics), we search for those and provide you with only documents and emails that are responsive to those words.


You still receive all of the information that is extracted in the DIY Pack, which is also reviewed by our expert for anything which based on the information you provide us with, is deemed relevant.


This provides you with a subset of the total documents and E-Mail that exist on any device,  which you can then discuss internally and decide if their context (for example, where they are stored on the device, when they were opened or created) deems intellectual property theft or other form of misconduct.


How Does it Work ?

1.  We collect the employees device (no charge).


2.  We forensically copy the device (plus a backup).


3.  We return the original device to you.


4.  We scan the device copy for artefacts.


5.  A listing of activity in key areas is generated.


6.  We review the activity list to identify theft/issues.


7. An expert report listing findings is produced.

Is my Company Data Safe ?

All devices that we forensically copy are encrypted with military grade encryption - meaning they are

impossible to access without the correct credentials.


The server (storage) computer used to archive the forensic copies of your employees devices is never connected directly or indirectly to the Internet.


This means it is physicallly impossible to compromise, hack into or otherwise access your company data via the Internet.

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