Employee Exit Diligence Checks

D.I.Y Review Pack

The D.I.Y Review Pack is the next stage on from the Basic Preservation Only Pack, the D.I.Y pack includes everything listed in the basic pack.


We advise you to read the Basic Pack page first, then return here and finally go on to the Fully Assisted Pack page - to decide which is the right product for your needs.  If you need assistance please Contact Us.


This package is designed for company's that have an in house I.T department that are able to read through a list of recovered activity.  


They will be able to quickly determine whether an employee has indeed stolen/accessed Intellectual Property or has demonstrated activity that constitutes misconduct.


Highlights of what this package includes;


1.   A complete listing of recoverable Internet websites visited - often reaching back months or even years.


2.   A listing of local files that have recently been opened (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other types).


3.   A listing of files and folders that have been accessed on the company's network servers (Drives, Shares etc.)


4.    Information describing which programs have been used, how many times, and for how long.


5.    An inventory of which USB memory sticks or external storage devices have been connected to the computer.


6.    A list of files opened from or stored on portable USB devices.


7.    The ability to keyword search the entire hard drive of the employee's device for relevant documents/E-Mails.


8.    A list of all E-Mail attachments sent to home or personal E-Mail addresses (Such as Hotmail etc).


9.    Details of any files stored on Cloud Storage (such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Drop Box etc..).


10.  Recovery of deleted files which the user has attempted to remove from the device.


11.  Details of any recoverable internet searches (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc..).


12.  Details of any personal web-mail accounts observed to be in use.


13.  A list of any encrypted (password protected) documents on the computer.


And much, much more !!

How does it work ?

1.  Ship the employee's device to us (or we collect*).


2.  We forensically copy the device (plus a backup).


3.  We return the original device to you.


4.  We scan the device copy for artefacts.


5.  A listing of activity in key areas is generated.


6.  You review the activity list to identify theft/issues.


7. A brief expert report listing findings is produced.


* = Collection is charged at a negligble fixed additional cost.

Is my data safe ?

All devices that we forensically copy are encrypted with military grade encryption - meaning they are impossible to access without the correct credentials.


The server (storage) computer used to archive the forensic copies of your employees devices is never connected directly or indirectly to the Internet.


This means it is physicallly impossible to compromise, hack into or otherwise access your company data via the Internet.

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