Short Notice Work

CFO specialises in short notice work (48 hours or less).


Whilst we have a number of cases running concurrently - most of our work is civil or corporate, meaning we can usually fit in any urgent matters you may have.


We don't charge an uplift for short notice works (but we do have uplifts for weekend and high risk territories) - we guarantee we will be able to act faster than our larger competitors.


Interestingly, it is often the case that our larger competitors call us for short notice deployements as they know we can be onsite within a matter of hours.


We are just 25 minutes from an International airport and also have good rail and road network links to London.

International Travel

Mr Munsey has travelled the world working on international invesitgations and data collections.


Speaking a little French, German and Czech also helps when in Europe!


If you have data that needs to be collected in a foreign territory and you want to 'fire and forget', send Mr Munsey!

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