Matrimonial Disputes

Hidden Assets?, Infidelity ?, Questionable Pornography Habits?

Mr Munsey has acted as a digital forensics expert in many matrimonial disputes and divorce proceedings.


It is common to forensically copy the accused parties devices - usually as a result of a court order or voluntary delivery, in order to determine facts.


Parties involved in divorce or dispute proceedings often hide assets, affairs or other unacceptable behaviour patterns, which can be revealed by analysing their Internet history, text/chat messages and general computer activity.


Conversly the process can also be used to go some way to demonstrate to a court that a party is not guilty of a certain accusation made by the complainant.  This is especially so when providing the court with a long term view of a parties activity - effectively quashing allegations.


Our services in this area are discrete, confidential and sympathetic to both parties.


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