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Sep 2019 - CFO becomes a proud member of the Association of British Investigators (ABI)


The ABI is an organisation dedicated to ensuring high standards are maintained by non-law enforcement detective and investigative agencies.


1. All members are subjected to a criminal background check (DBS) to ensure that they have not been involved in criminal activity which could be used by opposition to discredit any evidence produced.


2. A number of the members customers are independantly contacted and asked to provide testimony to the service received and general level of satisfaction.


3. The expert reports produced by the member are reviewed in order to determine if they are of a sufficient standard to ensure they are of a sufficiently high level of quality.  Said are sanitised to remove client data.


4. The member undergoes a financial background enquiry, which reveals any weaknesses to bribery or corruption.


5. The members identity is verified to ensure that they are who they say they are and that their business is legitimate.


I look forward to serving the ABI's members and also hope that this accreditation gives further confidence to my clients that they are in safe hands!

Jul 2019 - Record Numbers of Device Activity Checks (DAC) performed on clients devices!


We have seen an unprecedented amount of interest in this product, so many of our clients have suspicions with regard to an employees conduct - using a DAC to find out a true picture of their activities;


- Which websites have they accessed (are the looking for alternative employment ?


- What are they searching for (have they been Googling employment disputes or how to steal company data?


- What files have they been opening (are they readying IP to take to a competitor ?)


- Have they been deleting files enmasse (are they attempting to damage your business before they leave ?)


If you have a suspicious employee, business partner or spouse, why not head over to www.iamconcerned.co.uk and find out what a Device Activity Check can offer you or your investigation !

Mar 2018 - www.iamconcerned.co.uk Website Launched !


Most of our casework is related to evidence found as a result of a Device Activity Check - a process where a computer, tablet or mobile device is forensically copied and then analysed for evidence relating to user activity.


In order to properly explain this process and the massive benefits it can have upon any given court case, employment dispute or matrimonial matter, we decided to create a content rich website dedicated to the product.


The response has been great so far, why not head over to www.iamconcerned.co.uk and find out what a Device Activity Check can offer your investigation !

Feb (Late) 2018 - Radio Advertising Campaign


Working in collaboration with the Beach Radio, CFO has commissioned a radio advertising campaign.


Most of our casework is in London or International territories, but we realise that there are a large number of potential business customers in the local area - and surrounding counties.


The campaign is running for 1 month initially, with a view to extending that if it generates additional business for us.

Feb 2018 - Data Recovery - New Partner


I took a trip to Sheffield this week to meet Andy Butler of R3 Data Recovery, for a tour of his company's lab and processing facility.  Based in an ultra secure facilty (which used to be a bullion store no less), Andy's mantra and method of operation left me impressed.


Andy's firm strives to provide the highest percentage of successful recoveries - when compared to his competitors - which see's customers returning over and over.


From small personal computer hard drives, through to complex RAID arrays from server computers, R3 is the defacto when it comes to actually getting your data back.


Andy has invested vast sums into research and development which is why his engineers are able to recover data that other labs (even the biggest ones such as Kroll/Ontrack) declare unrecoverable.


It is for this reason that R3 have made it on to our preferred vendors list - put simply, we would not send a clients drive anywhere else.  Check out the Partners section to find a link to R3.


Be wary of other data recovery firms that diagnose your drive and state it is "unrecoverable", many (including local ones that I have dealt with) often do this to difficult to recover drives - where with sufficient funds - a recovery would have been possible.  Andy's lab specialises in the drives that others simply put on the "uneconomical to repair pile" - obviously this comes at a price, but what price for irreplaceable data ?



Oct 2017 - Employee Activity Checks - New Promotional Material in Downloads Section


We have updated our Employee Activity Checks flyer which can be found in the Downloads section, the new flyer has clear explanations as to what types of artefacts can be recovered and reported on.  We have also included numerous case studies which can help potential clients visualise how the checks findings may be used in their organisation.


These checks are also fantastic for Matrimonial Disputes or other litigation where a persons character, habits and online actions may play a key role - whether it be used to portray a positive or negative  view on those actions.


Get yours today! 



July 2017 - New Ransomware and IT Negligence Services.


We now offer data recovery services in relation to Ransomware attacks.


 We are able to go much deeper into recovery than I.T service providers (or your internal I.T department) using forensic tools.


Whilst we have always offered this service (and helped many stranded customers), this is now becoming so popular that it is now listed as its own service.


June 2017 - *NEW* Employee Exit Diligence Check Service!


Does your legal or IT team regularly check your employees devices (phones, computers, tablets) when they leave your employment for evidence of Intellecutal Property theft?


IP theft has become rife in the modern digital world of employment and contracting - if your company has any valuable IP (such as research work, plans, customer lists, financial/contract information) then perhaps you should consider starting today!


We can produce a report showing activity of exactly what an employee has been using their computer for (right down to individual Google searches, websites visited, files copied to USB storage devices and cloud storage) along with a list of documents/files opened.  A complete map of their activity - for one fixed price.


Check out the Intellectual Property Theft Detection page for full details and pricing.

May 2017 - Rebranding & Modernised Website Completed!


After almost 10 years of sterling service, our original website (which I designed in my garage all those years ago!) and branding has been retired.


The core fonts and colour scheme remain, but a complete site redesign (now mobile friendly) and a logo refresh, brings us to where we are today!


I know that some of our long standing clients were attached to the detective/private investigator theme we used in our branding - I am a little sad to see him go also!.

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